The story of Sotiriou Winery goes back in 1996, at the historical village of Lesini in the region of Oiniades, in central western Greece. Dimitris and Efrosini, a young couple back then, decided to pursue a full time career in wine. Both born and raised in Lesini, they carried childhood memories filled with aromas and flavours from the local wine varieties. Their love and appreciation for the local wine tradition raised in them the desire to preserve and continue this tradition and served as a motive power for a dynamic start.

sotiriou winery

Since then, in the 110,000 m2 of privatelyowned vineyards in Paracheloitidas, a region famous since ancient times for their exquisite wines, Sotiriou family produces and bottles local traditional varieties of white and red wines, like Malagouzia, Goustolidi, the traditional Mavroudia and other. Today, two years after it’s foundation, the winery is housed at new buildings, equipped with the latest equipment required for the production and bottling of wine and cellars with the right conditions to mature and store the wine, while construction continues to finish other buildings for wine tasting and other events.


Oenologist of Sotiriou Winery.


Agronomist of Sotiriou Winery

The two brothers, after the completion of their studies, travelling around the world harvesting, pruning and tasting wine. Today they own Oinanthos blogspot, writting about the art of wine.

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